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 Let me offer you a bit of background so as to acquaint you with who I am~~~ I am a Mystic; an empathic intuitive. Born with a veil, otherwise known as a caul, I have always been blessed with a special "knowledge" which has empowered me to feel and know situations more clearly. The occurrence of being born with a caul is extremely rare, perhaps occurring in fewer than one in a thousand births. This veil has been known to contribute to having psychic abilities and also to produce nighttime dreams very different from the average person; dreams that often come true.

And this has certainly been the case with me, several times in my life. One afternoon, as I was napping, I dreamt of a break-in and the many aspects surrounding it; I did not think anything much of it until, just after waking up, I called a friend of mine who lived about 200 miles away. He immediately told me that he could not stay on the phone for long, because his house had just been broken into~~~ he quickly spelled out all of the details, including the clothes of the person responsible and I was stunned when I then realized that as I was sleeping, I had dreamt of the break-in as it was happening…

I also dreamt of the arrival of my husband, 5 months before I actually met him. 

One morning in December, many years ago, I was so startled and amazed by a dream I had experienced that it actually woke me up. I sat straight up in bed and the first thing to fall from my lips was, “he’s coming…” In the dream, I saw the two people who actually did introduce us months later and also the series of events that led up to my meeting him. I also heard what later turned out to be the exact words that he used about his wanting to be permanently in my life. I will never forget the dream or how it unfolded in real life. I have had numerous dreams and premonitions and one of the best things about getting older, I must say, is that my gift gets better and better.

And so, through the use of my intuitive abilities, I can take a peek at what is going on in your life; your past, current and future situations. I would indeed be honored to share some time with you so that I might focus my psychic energy on your questions and obtain a clearer vision of your situation. Let me help you take a look into where you are going so that you may see more clearly. After all, the clearer the vision the smoother your path...

            MY EXPERIENCE

I have been working professionally in this spiritual realm for the last ten years and in that time I have given over 17,000 readings.  Most of those readings were conducted through a well-known internet platform, but  I have decided it is time for me to                          spread my wings...

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